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November 05 2017

Maybe I just want a person who is a convoluted mess who’s learning and growing like me.




You can’t

Get attached to anyone nowadays, people just be fucking you over so smoothly

And act like they never knew you

Or did anything wrong

im thirsty af for


a healthy relationship with a significant other in which we both love and support each other and genuinely enjoy being in each others company

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Right. 😭😭


God just really didnt want me to experience romance huh


Good manners have to be the most beautiful trait in human. I have no doubts about this.


If you start smiling while apologizing to me you’re wasting your breath an my time. Keep that bullshit away from me.

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Jericho VS Omega is officially happening at Wrestle Kingdom 12!

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Hiromu sharing his Chapstick with his father figure!

November 04 2017


Sometimes, in spite of my fluctuating belief in God, I really don’t want to be identified as “Christian”™ because of the beliefs I hold that align with Christianity and the negative stigma and assumptions surrounding the label/religion in the progressive circle that I find myself in.


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all these little things

by Denny Bitte

Is it bad that I don’t trust a lot of people? Do I really deserve better? I’m out here trying to keep myself financially afloat to pay off my college loan, to earn my IT certifications and land a better job than what I have now. But I have absolutely no one to kick it with and I’m a total introvert except in the most intimate of situations.

Then again, I can’t currently handle the responsibility of a romantic relationship. And it’d be a miracle if the one I intend to love will put up with my frustrated petty ass who has a short fuse when people become insensitive to me. 🤷‍♂️ Hell, people in general have no obligation to be courteous and empathetic.

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The fairest of them all.


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Life's a beach! | By Coffee_Break

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Museum date???? Coffee shop date???? Art gallery date???? Walk in the park date???? Late night walk date???? Nap time date???

All of the above

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untitled by kureyuzu on Flickr.

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